Trademark Usage Guidelines


Engaged Living Enterprises, LLC dba Engage Nutrition™ (“Engage”) counts among its most valuable assets its trademarks and logos and the goodwill represented by these. Protection of the Engage trademarks is a priority for Engage. These Engage Trademark Guidelines contain detailed information about how to refer to Engage’s trademarks in different scenarios. These Trademark Guidelines are designed to ensure proper legal use of the Engage trademarks and to prevent customer confusion that can result from improper or illegal usage.


Proper use of the Engage trademarks is important. You may use the Engage trademarks to accurately describe or refer to Engage’s goods and services, provided you follow these Guidelines. The font size of the phrases using the Engage trademarks should not be larger than the surrounding font, and should not appear more prominently than the name/logo of your own product or business. You may use the Engage trademarks to direct your visitors to the Engage homepage and products page. For this purpose, the target URL may only be


Do not use the Engage trademarks in a way that would mislead consumers that you or your products or services are somehow related to, endorsed by, or affiliated with Engage.

Never use an Engage trademark as a possessive or in a plural form.

Correct example: The ENGAGE NUTRITION™ supplements have greatly improved my health.

Incorrect example: Engage Nutrition has improved my health.

Company, Product, Service. You may not place your company name, trademarks, service marks, or product names next to (or combine them with) the Engage trademarks.

Logos. You may not use the Engage logos, artwork, trade dress, designs or any combination of these, or any trademark including these (together, the “Logos”), for any purpose without prior written consent
from Engage.

Domain Names, Meta tags, Hidden Text. You may not incorporate the Engage trademarks in any domain name, meta tag, or other hidden text in a web page without prior written authorization from Engage.

Internet Advertising Keywords. You may not use or incorporate the Engage trademarks in any internet advertising keyword, Ad Word, hashtag, or other term used to trigger advertising or search engine results without prior written permission from Engage.

Merchandise Items. You may not manufacture, sell, or give away merchandise items bearing any of the Engage trademarks without first obtaining a written license from Engage.


For federally registered trademarks owned by Engage, the ® symbol must accompany these trademarks and Engage should be properly identified as the owner of these federally registered marks in a footnote.

For pending applications or common law trademarks owned by Engage, the TM or SM symbol must accompany these trademarks (e.g., ENGAGE NUTRITION™) and Engage should be properly identified as the owner of these trademarks in a footnote that reads, for example, “ENGAGE NUTRITION is a mark owned by Engaged Living Enterprises, LLC”.


Do not use Engage trademarks as any part of your social media account name, user name, page name, or as a community name.


Use capitalization consistently.

Spell the Engage trademarks correctly and do not abbreviate them, or combine or hyphenate the respective words in the Engage trademarks. Do not split the marks onto separate lines of copy.

Use the Engage trademarks only as adjectives modifying the generic term for the product or service and never use the Engage trademarks as nouns or as verbs.

Goodwill. All uses and goodwill associated with the Engage trademarks will inure to the benefit of Engage.

Reservation of Rights. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Engage reserves the right to terminate permission to copy, reproduce, or display the Engage trademarks and to demand that the Engage trademarks cease to be used at any time, in its sole discretion. Engage reserves the right to object to unfair uses or misuses of its Engage trademarks and other violations of law, as well as uses that Engage in its sole discretion deems unlawful or improper, even if such use is not expressly prohibited by these Guidelines. Engage reserves the right to revise these Trademark Guidelines at any time, without notice.


For any questions regarding the proper usage of the Engage trademarks, the proper notices, or to seek permission to use the Engage trademarks please contact Engage at