At Engage Nutrition, we aspire to provide premium food and nutritional supplement products that are efficacious, safe and simple.  Maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle has become needlessly complicated.  False claims, conflicting messages in the media and weak regulations in the nutritional supplements industry are constant sources of confusion.  Additionally, people’s busy and hectic schedules make it even more challenging to lead an active lifestyle.  Engage Nutrition seeks to address these challenges, allowing you to Engage.


Collagen, Liquid Collagen, Joint Relief, Healthy Weight Loss, Lean and Firm, Improved Skin Appearance, Natural Energy, Convenient Drink Mix, Meal Replacement


At Engage Nutrition, we believe our premium quality, great tasting, efficacious products represent a critical step in the necessary direction toward maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle.  We will always maintain the highest standards of quality and our innovative culture ensures you will always get the best from us, so that you can more effectively engage.

A common thread that will never change…

Best friends in high school, we’ve always shared a passion for basketball and sports in general. Competing at a high level was never an issue…until the wear and tear of our “glory” days set in making it difficult to engage in an active, healthy lifestyle.

After going through extensive hip surgery prior to turning 30, Matt struggled with his rehabilitation. Looking to regain the mobility and strength he once had, Matt turned toward nutritional and sports supplements to aid in his recovery.

Immediately, Matt was overwhelmed by the number of products that lacked transparency, taste and efficacy. Additionally, many of the existing products failed to meet the simplicity and convenience required for an active, on-the-go lifestyle.

So Matt decided to call Mike, who had spent his entire career in the food and nutritional supplement industry, with an idea to design and develop multi-faceted products that not only taste great, but are also differentiated, efficacious and easy to use. That’s when Engage Nutrition was born. Engage Nutrition is an innovative food and nutritional supplement company seeking to create great tasting, better-for-you products that help you more effectively engage in the healthy, active lifestyle you had during your “glory” days.

We welcome you to join us today and Live to Engage.

Co-Founders of Engage Nutrition

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